So today is my birthday.  I haven't done a very good job of keeping up on this blog.  Not as good of a job as I'd like anyway.  I've been busy: still in physical therapy from my motorcycle accident, three times a week.  I'm down from two-and-a-half hours sessions to being just under two hours, so that's definitely progress, if not as much progress as one could hope for.  I have done a little development on my game, but mostly I've been distracted with work on the house.  My wife and I (with a little help from our families) put up a garden shed from scratch over the course of the summer months. It's a pretty great little shed, but man, was it a lot of work: pouring concrete, building and raising the walls, attaching the rafters, covering it in sheathing, shingling, and then the fiber cement siding.  It looks awesome, but I'm glad I don't need to build another one anytime soon.

I've got a couple more posts in the pipeline, one on roleplaying games, with a specific focus on D&D, one on motorcycle safety gear (sparked by an attempt, which thankfully failed, to remove Nebraska's helmet law; after my accident, I've become rather hardline on this topic), and another on one of my big projects that's also been a distraction lately: my 3D printer.  I'm pretty excited to have that finished and I'm really close.  Which is good because I've got a booth at our upcoming Maker's Faire in a couple weeks where I'm supposed to be demonstrating it.  I'll offer more details on the printer, including some pictures and maybe even a video in the dedicated post for it.

Also, it would appear that I put off fixing the OpenID login stuff for too long and now logins are broken (not that they mattered for anyone except me).  I'll have to set aside some time once the printer is finished to fix logins, and maybe finally implement comments.  I'd really like to have comments available for some of my coming posts, particularly the role-playing post, in case people had their own opinions on the matter to offer.  And there's no way I'm going to allow anonymous commenting.  Too many spam bots.  By strapping a Google account to it, I can at least limit the number of people posting to something that I might be able to manage and have some slight confidence that they're actually people.  I've also been told that there's something up with the way that post signatures are being generated, so I guess I should look into that when I have time too.  Ah well...

For whatever it is worth, I'm tired, but generally fairly happy with my life as it stands.  I've had my ups and downs in the last year (okay, at least one really big down), but on the whole, I can't say as it's been a terrible year all around.  You all haven't been able to get rid of me yet. ;)