Welcome to the new and improved Deviant Paradigm!

The old "eye-searing red" site was definitely showing its age, and I hadn't really been keeping up with it in...well...many, many years.  It was long due for an update.  In fact, this is something like the third update that I've attempted, though this is the first one to actually end up replacing the old site.

Of course, there's not much here yet.  I'm hoping to change all of that in the near future.  I've been tackling a lot of new projects, and still fiddling with some old ones.

I'll write up a post later detailing some of the reasons I decided to write my own ridiculous little CMS instead of using one of the well-respected names in the field.  Hopefully they'll be better than just "I'm a contrary old cuss," but that's probably the main reason.

Since this is still very much a work in progress, there's a long, long to-do list for it yet, but I couldn't wait just to get something up and available.  Fortunately, most of the heavy lifting that's yet to be done is on the posting and post administration side, so it's invisible to users.  I hope to, in future, support some actual searching, certainly by tags (which requires a lot of rewriting, actually, as I did tags in probably the dumbest way I possibly could initially, and need to rework them), and also probably by full-text.  I'd like to support commenting (which is why there's a "Login" link up there), and some neat user features like Favoriting and Watching posts.  Not like that's going to matter for a while, but it's stuff on the roadmap anyway.

Anyway, welcome back!  It's a new beginning, and I'm glad to have you with me.