Ah, the immortal words of Brock Sampson, the huge bodyguard character from Cartoon Network Adult Swim's Venture Brothers." Brock, like me, was born in Nebraska, and now I, like him, have been hit by a truck.  Okay, technically, I hit the truck, but the police report puts the guy in the truck at least mostly at fault.

The Sharp Stop at the End

I was on my way home from my Second Ed. game when the truck pulled out in front of me and I couldn't avoid him.  Being on a motorcycle, the resulting collision did not go well for me.  I broke my left hand in three places, dislocated and shattered my right shoulder, suffered a concussion and a lung contusion, and fractured one of my vertebrae. My (now missing) backpack of roleplaying paraphenalia may have helped prevent further back injury; something which one of my nurses was quite amused to chalk up to D&D saving my life. 

I'm not exactly an invalid, but I'm not really useful for much right now either.  I can't do anything around the house as I have a weight restriction of a single pound.  I can watch Netflix, which has only underscored how little I enjoy watching hours of TV these days, despite how good the shows might be. 

Of Lights and Tunnels

I have every confidence that someday, I will find value in this experience. If my past is any guide, I will be able to use my experiences to offer advice and consolation to someone else suffering injury. Unfortunately, that confidence is cold comfort for a self-described computer nerd who can now only barely type. I am virtually unable to play any computer games, a most frustrating predicament for me. I can't program, I can't play games; I am barely able to get on the computer at all. So I certainly have goals to aim for.

I'm working mostly on getting off my pain medication.  See, it can cause constipation, and the one suppository in the hospital is enough for a lifetime, thanks.  I'm also slowly getting some motion back into my hand and shoulder.  Recovery won't be a short road, but at least I'm on it.